Travel: Visiting Riviera Maya

I spent this past  week in Tulum,  Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. Although I noticed some changes since my first trip in '96, it's still as beautiful as the first time. The buildings are sparse, the beaches are nearly pristine, the food is simple, the Mayan people are peaceful and the water is unforgetable. The intention for the trip was to rest, to swim,to  read and to learn more  about and practice Mysore Ashtanga Yoga. Although I've practiced Yoga over the past 7 years or so I've never appreciated it as I do now after learning about the Mysore style. The week was organized by New Orleans based Melanie Fawer, one of the very few women to be certified to teach this style of Yoga which originated in the Southern Indian city of Mysore. What's interesting about Mysore is that it's not "led" by an instructor. Instead, students use their breathing to move them through the series of sequential postures. I learned to appreciate not only the rigor of the discipline but also the beauty and the grace that comes with it.


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