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Coming soon: Rome Food Movie. My good friend Zach Shapiro along with Robert Libetti are creating a short film about the Rome Sustainable Food Project, illustrating how Chef Mona Talbot, Sous Chef Chris Boswell and their staff connect the products of local farmers to the kitchen, feeding the people working and residing at the American Academy in Rome. The Academy awards the prestigious Rome Prize to a selected group of artists and scholars invited to Rome to pursue their creative goals in an atmosphere conducive to artistic innovation and progressive scholarship. Zach is back in New York editing after shooting for 6 weeks on location at the  Academy and at the small organic farms outside  Rome.   Knowing  Zach's passion for food,  where it comes from, how it's prepared , how it's consumed  and how it relates to our health and well being, this film will be a creative window into the lives of the people who make the Rome Sustainable Food Project a  success. If you're a foodie and interested in supporting this exciting project, Zach has created a very clever, convenient and affordable fund raising structure to meet the cost needs which is based on 333 people each donating $33. Each contributor will receive a DVD of the movie- what a deal!   Check out this 3 minute, made with a point and shoot camera,  video snippet that was the inspiration to make the film. In Zach's own words, " I am inspired to share this experience by making a documentary that will demonstrate how farm, kitchen and consumer are bound together by the cycle of life." Donate here.

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