Penelope and Pyrite in Oakland

Penelope opened  last week in Oakland, CA.  Located near the corner of Clay and 12th near downtown, Penelope is the latest addition to the Bay Area boutique cocktail scene. Penelope, the unassuming, patient and cunning wife of Odysseus who weaves and misguides her suitors for nearly four years by promising to marry once the shroud  she was making was complete. Meanwhile, busy at the loom by day and secretly  unravelling her work by night, she manged to fend them off until eventually being  betrayed. Penelope features a custom Concreteworks bartop with inlaid Pyrite Suns. Formed over 350 million years ago in a thin seam of of slate above coal deposits in southern Illinois, you might mistake these concretions for  petrified sand dollars. Displayed  in contrast to their past in a bed of white dolomite  sand , these specimens can now be admired and enjoyed for the next 350 million years. Be sure to check out this new bar and discover for yourself the connection between Penelope, the symbol of fidelity, recovered Pyrite , and great cocktails.  Designed by Geremia Design.

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