Locavore extends to Bay Area Sports Apparel

The SF Giants had a big win last Sunday, making it to the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. Tonight they are playing the Atlanta Braves.  Got your shirts?  Check out Mayberry Workshop, started by our very own Concreteworks Project Manager, Adam Mayberry and his brother Benjamin.

Mayberry Workshop makes original designs that play off the culture of the sports teams in the Bay Area.  They currently have 12 different designs for sale on their website featuring different local teams – not just baseball.  The most popular shirts right now are "Bay Area Die Hards" and "Big Time Timmy Jim," a reference to star pitcher Tim Lincecum in an ESPN commercial. The shirts are printed locally at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Adam and Benjamin Mayberry started their small venture a few years ago out of their love for design and local sports teams.  Designers by trade, they saw a need for good quality design in fan based apparel, AND the opportunity to make people aware of the freelance work they do in architecture and graphic design.

MW is gearing up for hockey season and will have women's Sharks t-shirts in a couple weeks. Mayberry Workshop is also making new Concreteworks t-shirts.

If you want a shirt for tonight's game, contact Adam. He will be at Concreteworks in Oakland from 9-5.

Concreteworks has a new website, check it out.  www.concreteworks.com