Food and Community at Glide Memorial

Glide Memorial is one of the most liberal church's in the US and has a long history of providing innovative and comprehensive services to the poor and marginalized in the San Francisco community. Glide kicked off a new outreach program called Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, sponsored by Safeway.  This is a new program that teaches families in the Tenderloin about healthy eating.

The 5-week class is offered to about 10 families (kids included) and is taught by both Glide staff and Safeway.   The class begins with a presentation by Glide about the basics of good nutrition and then moves into an interactive cooking lesson led by a chef from Safeway.  Families are taught about ways to enhance nutritional value with different cooking styles as well as educating the families on new vegetable varieties such as russian kale.   The goal is to show families how to make healthy, affordable and easy to prepare meals.

Safeway funded the construction of the new demonstration kitchen at Glide in addition to providing a chef and food from Safeway.  Concreteworks was involved with the construction aspect of the project by donating hundreds of discontinued tile samples to create a mosaic wall that wraps around the base of the kitchen island.  Concreteworks also made the kitchen countertops with our CW Sustainable Blend, high in recycled content.

Glide has another related program called Graze the Roof – a rooftop garden which featuring soil-less gardening vegetable systems, self watering containers, lightweight garden beds made from milk crates and worm composting system.  If this new program is a success, families will soon be able to cook the food growing on site.