Friends of Concreteworks: Mariko Reed | Architectural Photographer

We are launching a new monthly series featuring friends of Concreteworks, focusing on people we have worked with and admire.

The first in the series features Mariko Reed, an architectural photographer based in San Francisco and Hawaii. She has been our main photographer for about 8 years with her work present throughout our portfolio of projects. Mariko's photography captures the overall and details of our projects in a way that best frames our work. She has shown work ranging from the local San Francisco Chronicle to Architectural Digest with residential and commercial features.

Her most recent work was featured in Wallpaper Magazine with a Concreteworks fire table and hearth bench for the Turner residence by Jensen Architects.

As stated in her bio, as "the daughter of a general contractor and a fashion executive, she is at home on a job site or beside a runway, bringing a unique sensibility to her photographs. While attending photography school, she discovered her quiet patience was the perfect match for architectural photography. Her work focuses on capturing images with respect to the natural light and feeling of a space." 

See more of her work here and look for more of our friends featured in future months.

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