Tahoe Quarterly and the Mountain Home Awards

The Summer issue of Tahoe Quarterly came out last week. It has us revisiting the 11th annual Mountain Home Awards, which were presented in the spring. We have had the pleasure of working with architects and designers in the Lake Tahoe area for many years. Over the years the Tahoe Quarterly's Mountain Home Awards has featured some beautiful homes with Concreteworks pieces.

Here are a few of the winners from 2013 and 2014:

Martis Camp 1 House "2014 – Contemporary"
Concreteworks fire and bath features, stair treads, and indoor and outdoor benches

Ridge House "2014 – Outstanding Achievement"
Concreteworks bath sinks

Martis Camp 2 House "2013 – Legacy Award"
Concreteworks countertops and bath features

For additional information:

2014 Mountain Home Awards

2013 Mountain Home Awards

Photo Guide: Martis Camp 1: 1-6 | Ridge House: 7-9 | Martis Camp 2: 10-13

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