Concreteworks Featured in SF Gate

Concreteworks and Cheng Design were featured in SF Gate discussing the history, innovation and current use of concrete in the design world.

"Considering the ubiquity of concrete in the visual landscape, in the form of sidewalks, bridges and apartment buildings, it seems disingenuous to talk about concrete as a new design trend. But this humble material, comprising water, aggregate (of rock, sand and/or gravel) and cement, is shifting into high gear for residential and commercial use, thanks to innovations over the past 20 years in materials, modeling software and milling machinery.

Mark Rogero, owner and president of design and fabrication studio Concreteworks in Oakland, says, “There’s renewed excitement about the authenticity and substance of concrete. We’re transforming dirt and water into a building material that’s hard wearing and can be made beautiful by virtue of its imperfections." 

Read the full article here:
With new innovations, concrete breaks the mold by Nancy Davis Kho 

Project: "Flash Screen" Designed in collaboration with Michelle Wempe of Zumaooh
Photography by Mariko Reed