Behind the Scenes: The Office

Concreteworks has grown enormously since Mark Rogero started casting countertops on his own in a tiny warehouse in Emeryville in 1991. Today we are a diverse team of over 75 craftsmen, designers, engineers, project managers, doers, makers, men and women working on over 250 projects a year out of an 85,000 square foot facility in Alameda, California.

It takes all of us to make these projects happen and over the next few months we’ll be highlighting the different teams that make up this company. From the sales staff and project managers you may have met or communicated with to the craftsmen behind the scenes on the factory floor crafting our pieces, we’ll show you the kind of effort it takes to make these projects happen.

Our office staff is comprised of a few teams including: Sales, Engineering, Design, Production, Management and Human Resources. If you’ve ever reached out or initiated a project with us, these are the people you will likely encounter. We are a diverse group from different backgrounds, but all rooted in fabrication, architecture and design.

To start, our Sales team will guide you through the many different solutions that we can provide for your project. Once the project scope has been finalized with you and your designer the project gets handed to our Engineering team to produce shop drawings and work through any difficuly design issues to make your project possible. We have 25 years of experience solving issues from simple bathroom vanities to massive retail wall panels and are always looking for new challenges.

Once the drawings are approved, they are sent to our Production Management team to begin fabrication. This team leads our expert craftsman in producing the pieces required for your project to exact specifications. On complex projects, our Project Management and Engineering team continues to maintain contact with you as the project gets fabricated. All the while, our Management and Human Resources teams work hard to keep our business operations running.

Next month we’ll dig into the first step of the fabrication process: color mixing and sample making. See you then!