Salone del Mobile 2017 | Airplane Mode

Every now and then we get a project that doesn't fit into what we do on daily basis, whether because of scale, scope or timeline, but which intrigues us too much to pass up. This was one of those projects. Josh Morenstein and Nick Cronan of Branch were asked by Wallpaper* Magazine to create an object in a material they've never worked in and with a collaborator they've never met.

The brief was to create and object around a daily practice or ritual. Given that we are based in the Bay Area, hub of all things technological, it was natural that Nick and Josh chose to design a piece around our daily use of smartphones. The Airplane Mode box is designed as a way to disconnect from the virtual to give us the chance to reconnect with the real. When the phone is in the box it fails to receive signals and because of the material's density it muffles any sound or vibration allowing complete separation from the technology. The weight also gives the ritual more import and literal gravity to the act of shutting away for the day.

The piece was exhibited at Wallpaper* Magazine's Holy Handmade Exhibition at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan. We're thrilled that Nick and Josh thought of us for this unique opportunity. We're always looking for ways to take our material to new extremes and modes.

Images courtesy of Branch