Concreteworks was founded in a small artist warehouse in 1991.


Fresh out of architecture school, Mark Rogero was drawn to the concrete-laden designs of such architects as Louis Kahn, Mies Van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. Rather than going straight into architecture, he chose to pursue a path that inspired more intimately: the design and fabrication of concrete. Mark's early experiments led to the foundation of his highly successful company. Concreteworks' early projects ranged in scope and complexity. The first large-scale Concreteworks project was a series of massive relief panels that pictorially depicted the history of PG&E in California. Meanwhile, with an aptitude for creative solutions in residential and commercial spaces, Concreteworks soon became known as one of the leaders in specialty concrete casting. Ten years later, inspired by the success of the Bay Area Concreteworks studio, and driven by the architectural intrigue of New York City, Mark's brother, Dave Rogero, launched Concreteworks East. Dave’s extensive background in landscape design and construction gave him an edge to work on some of the most architecturally important projects on the East Coast. Today, bi-coastal Concreteworks has distinguished itself as the leader in its field, with projects all over the world.