Jessie Street

2013 / San Francisco, CA

Reception desk

The Jessie Street project communicates the latest advancements in concrete technology: a combination of 3-dimensional modeling software, CNC(computer numerically controlled) milling technology, and advanced casting techniques. This combination produces forms that weren’t possible in the past and pushes the limits of concrete furniture design.

The designers, Studio O+A, and client, Giant Pixel Corporation, wanted to incorporate a reception desk in the office design but did not want a traditional relationship with the receptionist. Instead, they wanted to engage with the individual, have them be part of the office. Originally designed to mimic the lines of a race car, the desk indicates the flow of traffic into the office, a sculptural element that draws people into the space. The unique and complex design was one of our most challenging projects to date and opened up the opportunity to create new designs with the same techniques.

This project was completed in collaboration with Studio O+A (designers), Matarozzi Pelsinger (builders-contractor), and Kreysler & Associates (3D CNC milling). Metal facade and entry screen by Chris French Metal. Photography by Mariko Reed.