Livefyre HQ

San Francisco, CA

Reception desk, conference table

Concreteworks and Studio O+A collaborated to design and engineer two custom furniture pieces for San Francisco tech company Livefyre. O+A worked closely with us to refine the design language by dividing the mass of these large pieces into a series of crisp facets, bringing them into scale with the surrounding furniture of the space. The largest of the faceted designs is an Engineering Station that extends over 22 feet in length and 16 feet in width and weighs a combined 2 tons. This unique piece serves as a meeting and work space with both seated and standing working heights available. The reception desk wraps the entryway and transitions into a coffee bar with a 21-foot hickory butcher block top that seamlessly integrates into the concrete desk through a precise "finger-joint" system that we custom engineered. One of the more challenging aspects of creating these large-scale pieces of furniture was successfully transporting them to the 7th floor office space through the building's limited elevator systems. We were able to create precise 3D models of the elevator space and analyze exactly how large each pre-cast piece would be and how it could be maneuvered through the limited spaces until they could be successfully assembled within the office.