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May 20-23, 2018

Booth #2253

SoMA Stones are bold, expressive seating that combine our reverence for nature with our passion for innovative design.

At Concreteworks, nature is our muse and our medium—the elements of stone, fire, water, and air—and the effects of time on those elements—are not only essential to our everyday work and products, but shape our design philosophy and vision as a company.

SoMa Stones
Soma Stones

SoMA Stones embody our ethos of honoring nature as muse and embracing innovation through technology.

Soma Stones
Soma Stones
Soma Stones

Inspired by the elegant curves of small stones collected in Northern California, we utilized 3D-scanning technology to recreate the elemental, sensuous shapes formed over time. The result is organic forms that double as bold, sculptural seating in any environment—from statement pieces in interior lounges and outdoor public spaces to breathtaking centerpieces in minimalist zen gardens.

Now available in 6 unique shapes and sizes, 6 colors, 2 textures to fit in your next project.