Summer Sale FAQ

What are the quality ratings and discounts? 

A (25% off) – These pieces are first quality pieces, like new. Our products are hand made from natural materials so some color or finish variation can occur. These are not considered defects and are considered an inherent quality of the product. Hairline cracks can develop over time which is a natural occurrence in concrete. 

B (50% off) – These pieces have minor imperfections that have not passed our high quality standards but otherwise beautiful, functional pieces. The most common imperfection for a B quality piece is a hairline crack (or multiple cracks) on the surface that have developed within the first few days or weeks of casting.  These cracks are extremely fine and do not impact the structural integrity of the concrete.  Depending on the color and finish of the piece, you may not be able to see them unless you search for them.  When the piece gets wet,  the hairline cracks will be noticeable for a short period of time as the piece dries but will disappear again as the water completely evaporates.

C (75% off) – These pieces are still fully functional and the structural integrity is not compromised. The main difference is in the surface quality; the imperfections are more obvious or cover a greater portion of the surface. Typical imperfections that would cause a piece to receive a C quality label are:

  • Excessive hairline cracking (map cracking) — A series of many smaller connected cracks that resemble a spider web or cracked eggshell. These are non-structural cracks.
  • Exposed fiber mix — Exposed reinforcing fiber that is in our mix below the surface level of concrete that is not meant to be visible.
  • Surface variation (patchy color) — Color variation on the surface.  This is often a desirable trait and some A and B quality pieces may exhibit some surface variation (mottling), but if the color variation is extreme or covers a large portion of the surface the stone is usually rejected during our production or quality control.  

How do I order?

To reserve your products, simply email [email protected] with the item #’s in the subject line. We will get back to you with payment and shipment options.

How do I pick up my piece(s)? 

Pick-up from our shop will be available by appointment. We will provide you with the dimensions and weights of the piece so that you can arrange the proper vehicle for the pick up. Our team will assist you with loading the vehicle. If you would like the piece(s) strapped to a pallet or placed in a crate there are additional fees. All pieces must be paid in full prior to shipment/delivery or pick-up. We request that you arrange the pick up with us within 7 business days from purchase.

Do you offer delivery?

Curbside delivery can be arranged through our preferred third-party shipper. The cost will be determined by the delivery location. The receiver will be responsible for material handling equipment (fork lift, crane, pallet jack, etc.) for moving the pieces once delivered. A forklift or pallet jack may be required at delivery for larger pieces and cannot be provided by the shipper.  Inside-delivery or placement is not available. All pieces must be paid in full prior to shipment/delivery or pick-up. We request that you arrange the delivery with us within 7 business days from purchase.

Can I visit the shop to see the pieces prior to purchasing? 

In light of current health concerns due to Covid-19 visits to our shop are not available at the moment. If you are interested in more detail or information about a specific piece please contact us at [email protected]. Please note that we do not currently have a showroom at our shop and visits to pick up purchased pieces are by appointment only, no drop-ins, please. 

Can you hold or store inventory for me?

We are not able to hold inventory before or after purchase.

Is there Sale Tax? 

9.75% sales tax will be added on all items picked up from our shop. Sales tax for items that are delivered will be determined by the delivery location. 

Do you offer a trade discount?

We do not offer additional trade discounts on sale items. Discounted items are priced as marked/listed. No further discounts will be applied.

When can I pick up my purchased piece(s)? 

Items like SoMA Stones, planters, and Jenner Lounge chairs can be picked up as soon as paid for by arranging a pick-up appointment. The Tinder fire features have a 4-5 week lead time for parts. We will contact you once the fire features is ready to be shipped or picked up. 

What’s the Fine Print for the Seconds Sale?

No rain checks, exchanges, refunds, special orders, modifications, repairs, or unscheduled pick-ups. All sales are final. Items are sold as is.